Common Problems Associated with Instant Gas Hot Water System

In many homes, these days people have installed gas hot water systems that can offer a constant supply of hot water. This system is very energy-efficient, compact, and cost-effective too. However, like any other heating system, this kind of hot water system can also often malfunction.

In this post, we will discuss a few common problems that are associated with this kind of heating system. In case you face any major problem with your heating system, you can always call a plumber Marrickville available at Wilco Plumbing, which is one of the reputable, professional, and reliable plumbing companies in Marrickville.

The following are a few problems that you may often face with such instant gas hot water systems.

  • Intermittent hot and cold water

With instantaneous systems, having intermittent hot/cold water is a typical issue. A variety of factors can contribute to this, including:

  • The gas meter’s diaphragm could be faulty.
  • Possibly your system is not getting enough gas (which is often caused because of an under-sized gas bottle).
  • A malfunctioning showerhead or restrictor may be preventing a tap from being indicated as a tap for hot water.
  • Low hot water pressure could be a problem for your system.

You will need help from a professional plumber to resolve this.

  • Lukewarm water

Another very common issue that can emerge is lukewarm water instead of hot water flowing through the pipes. A malfunctioning thermostat may be the culprit, or your diaphragm may need to be replaced.

A malfunctioning thermostat will require the assistance of a certain skilled plumber for repairing or replacing it. It is also possible that the flow rate of your water system is not keeping up with the home’s hot water demands.

For a large family, prefer a system with a better flow rate to avoid such a problem.

  • Less water production

There are a few possible causes for your instant hot water supply system to produce less hot water or to have low-pressure water.

It could be caused by a clogged cold inlet strainer valve, which reduces the volume of water or pressure of water that your instant water heater produces. This valve keeps debris and rust out of the water that is pushed into your water heater. This issue might also be caused by a malfunctioning or broken thermostat.

  • No hot water

Finally, you may check the following few things before calling a hot water plumber if you don’t have any hot water.

  • Check to verify whether gas is still flowing to a stovetop or any other gas device. If it does, the problem isn’t with the gas supply; if it doesn’t, you’ve most likely identified the source of the problem.
  • Check your valve meter for gas and contact your local utility supplier for more information if there is no gas flowing to any other appliances.
  • Double-check that your continuous flow is properly connected to its power source.
  • If your system has a controller, make sure it’s turned on and also the temperature is adjusted correctly.

Any professional plumber can resolve all these problems if you ever face any of these problems.