Flowers Arrangements – The Key to Choosing the Perfect Vase


Have you received fresh flowers as a present? Do you have a flower arrangement you want to make for your office or home?

You shouldn’t judge a book by the cover. However, when looking at a vase you must be able to see the details. It is crucial to determine how your arrangement will look and grow. Don’t be discouraged; choosing the right vase for your arrangement is as simple as clicking your fingers. This is a simple guide that will help you choose the right vase.

Vases made of tall cylindrical glass

Tall cylinder vases are usually large and provide structure. They look great when paired up with tall stemmed flowers, such as gladiolus or lilies. This vase shape is great for sunflowers, peonies, and hydrangeas. Tall, round floor vases that are taller and have more volume can be used for flowers with large foliage.

Column Vases

These tall, slim vases are ideal for long-stemmed flowers. This vase is ideal for flower arrangements that include gladioli, lilies, or sunflowers. This flower pot can be used with either a few or a lot of flowers. This vase will brighten up your space and make it more attractive.

Round Vases

A rectangular vase is best if your flower arrangement is short and plump. The stems of your chosen flowers will need to be cut to fit the vase. It will make the flowers look more beautiful if they are tied together in a bouquet, rather than just being placed in the vase.

Fish Bowl Glass Vases

You want flowers that will spill over the vase’s opening when you choose flowers for fishbowl vase shapes.

You will need to trim the stems of your flowers to fit the dimensions of the fishbowl in order to create a perfect round vase arrangement. Because they can stand straight, flowers with rigid stems are great for this vase design.

Cube Vases

You are looking for something simple but elegant to hold your small-stemmed, tall but not too large flowers? You have just found the perfect match with these cute and elegant cube vases. These vases are large in size but short in height so flowers such as anemones, frangipanis, and violets are best suited for them. For a more elegant effect, you can add foliage and stones to the vase.

Rectangular Vases

Rectangular vases are the best choice if you want to increase your space’s modernity. These vases are easy to decorate with flowers and have a modern look. These flower holders are best for flowers with a high growth rate, such as tulips and daffodils.

Hourglass Vases

Because of their beauty and versatility, these pretty vases are a favourite of many. This container is ideal for flowers with large heads, such as roses, hydrangeas, and peonies.

Bud Vases

Are you looking for a flower vase for your dinner table? Bud vases are the best choice. These vases can be used to place one or two flowers around the dinner table. They are small and won’t be a problem for the table, or in between conversations.

Choose the perfect match for your arrangement. Have fun placing the flowers. You can also buy beautiful blooming beauties from the Matraville florist. Expert florists can arrange flowers in the perfect pots.