How To Sell Your Music On Amazon, iTunes, Spotify (And Everywhere Else)

Every novice artist dreams of selling a million records, performing in a sold-out arena with the audience chanting his name, breaking records with every new release and setting a footprint in the music industry. But every artist starts small. Even legendary artists like Eminem, Dr DRE, snoop dog, etc, started on the streets.

Today, these artists govern the music industry of the world. in their era, getting famous was much more difficult than it is today because, in their time, they had to work extremely hard to get their label recorded, and sold. Whereas the process is still difficult today, it cannot be compared with what it was earlier.

Today, you can sell music online and make money. Today, we have apps like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc on which you can showcase your talent. These apps host millions of songs and they have an audience spreading across the globe. This allows them to provide music across the world.

Since these apps enjoy a huge audience, it becomes essential that you as an artist Get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. With that, you will be able to exploit the huge audience that these apps enjoy. However, getting your songs published on these apps is easier said than done.

How to sell your music on Amazon

The number one thing that you require to publish your songs on these platforms is a music distributor which works with you. Choosing a tool for digital music distribution is very important because it acts as the bridge between the platforms which host the music and the artists who make the music.

One of the best music distributors is MusicDigi, which is trusted by great artists like Yungfakgod, Eryn Woods, etc. the platform allows to upload the of music in easy steps. All you are required to do is upload the music on musicdigi by creating an account in it. this platform charges a one-time yearly fee from their clients.

After the account is created, the platform will put your music on iTunes, Spotify and all other major music platforms. Each time someone listens to your music on these platforms, you will be paid a share of the revenue generated. This revenue will be redirected into your musicdigi account from where you can withdraw the sum.

Why get your music on TikTok, Spotify, and iTunes 

The most obvious answer to this question is to earn money. Revenue generation is one of the most important parts of being an artist and it is undoubtedly the most difficult one too. If you have the access to these platforms, you will be able to attract audiences from across the world and earn revenue from each streaming and downloading by them.


It is very important that you get access to a good music distributor because it is only with the help of a music distributor that you can get access to the music mammoth apps.