5 Benefits to Installing a Packaged HVAC System in Your Home

One of the most important decisions homeowners have to make when looking for a new HVAC system is which type. The easy way is to keep the same HVAC system in place. An HVAC system replacement costs on average so you will be grateful for taking the time for this important investment for your home.

There are three types: Split, Ductless, or Packaged. While each HVAC system has its advantages and disadvantages, this article will highlight the five main benefits that a packaged HVAC system offers. First, let’s clarify what a packaged HVAC unit is.

What is a packaged HVAC unit?

A packaged HVAC unit is different from a traditional split system that has an indoor and outdoor unit. A packaged HVAC unit is an HVAC system that contains both the heating and cooling elements within one enclosure. Packaged units can be installed outdoors on your roof or to the sides of your home.

Benefit 1: Packed units save you space inside your home

Do you live in an apartment with limited square footage? If you plan to install HVAC systems in your home it is important to have enough space to place the units inside and outside. The package HVAC units offer a significant advantage to smaller homes because they combine the central heater with the air conditioner, which eliminates the need to install a furnace indoors.

Benefit 2: Packaged units can be installed quicker and more cheaply.

The manufacturer completes the assembly of the packaged HVAC unit and verifies it. The unit ships pre-assembled, so you won’t need to hire a technician. A package system’s installation is much faster than traditional multiunit systems. This allows for a shorter installation time and lower overall costs.

Benefit 3: Packaged units may offer greater energy efficiency

Because packaged units are compact, they can work at higher ratings and don’t require as much effort as multi-unit systems. By putting the entire system into one unit, manufacturers can create highly-efficient systems that will help you lower your monthly utility costs.

Benefit 4: Packaged units offer high compatibility

Split systems that have equipment outdoors and indoors can cause compatibility problems. You will need to replace the defective part. Because they are part of a matched system, you’ll need to replace both the indoor and outdoor components if one goes wrong. You won’t have to worry about compatibility if you go with a packaged HVAC system. Most packaged HVAC units are compatible with other hardware. This will make it easier to add on accessories like humidifiers or purifiers.

Benefit 5 – Packaged Units are Designed for Quiet Operation

The noise processing takes place outside your home since the units are packaged. You can expect sound levels for HVAC units. A packaged unit is the best option if you want to lower the noise level in your home.

Find the HVAC system that best suits your needs

Although there are advantages to owning a package HVAC unit, there are many others. You might have believed that the only option for an HVAC system was to use a central air split unit. We understand that every homeowner will have different needs and not all HVAC units are the right fit. We hope that this article has helped you to make an informed decision about whether a DIY HVAC Platforms is the right choice for you and your family.