Essential Facts To Know About IQOS

The U.S. granted permission for IQOS to be sold recently. This raises concerns over the possibility that another nicotine delivery method could be introduced to the market, especially in light of the youth e-cigarette epidemic.

 Food and Drug Administration ruled Expert International may now market and sell the heat-not-burn device IQOS. This was the first product in its category to be sold in America. Also known as heated tobacco products, these electronic devices heat tobacco leaves to make an inhalable spray.

IQOS 3 is an electronic product, but FDA has classed it like a cigarette. This means that the product will be subject to the same regulations as traditional cigarettes. Expert claims these products offer safer alternatives to cigarettes. However, many things remain unknown about the devices’ impact on the environment and the potential consequences.

Here are things that you should know about IQOS

What Is The Main Difference Between IQOS & E-Cigarettes?

Heat-not-burning products are distinct from e-cigarettes. This is because they contain tobacco and not the flavor of e-liquid found in many e-cigarettes. The idea behind heat-not-burn is to allow users to enjoy the sensation of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette but without inhaling combusted.

Is IQOS Endorsed By The FDA?

FDA stated that its decision “permits tobacco products for sale in the United States”, but does not mean that they are safe or FDA approved. ‘”

The FDA approved two types of regulatory approvals for the company. One to market its product as a new tobacco product (called the Pre-Market approval), the other to market it less harmful than other cigarettes products. The FDA has not decided on whether the device should be marketed as less dangerous than other tobacco products.

IQOS Is Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes?

Tobacco companies claim their heat-not-burn products are safer than cigarettes. This happens because when tobacco is burned or combusts, it produces more chemicals than cigarette smoke.

Expert claims IQOS can be less harmful than cigarettes. However numerous papers in an Issue of the Journal Tobacco Control show that company data doesn’t fully support these claims. Research shows that IQOS may contain lower levels of some toxicants compared to cigarettes, but it can still expose people to more toxicants. IQOS could have lower risks for some diseases but greater risks for others.

Expert research confirms that fewer toxic substances do not equal lower levels of harm. And that reduced exposure claims should not be confused with reduced harm claims.

Are Teens Using IQOS?

Truth Initiative(r), who studied IQOS, discovered that the product’s marketing portrays it as “sophisticated”, aspirational, and sophisticated.

E-cigarette consumption has risen, especially among young people. The number of e-cigarette users among high schoolers grew 78% and 48% respectively among middle schoolers between 2017 and 2018.

Tobacco Control has published another study highlighting these concerns. It found that IQOS, marketed similarly, is likely to appeal to adolescents.

FDA is limiting access to IQOS by imposing restrictions on marketing, particularly through social media. They also require that advertising only be targeted at adults.